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Research now indicates that constipation is a far more dangerous problem than most people realize. We have learned that not are most cases of constipation linked to a serious long-term bowel disorder that continually impairs your gut, this gut impairment can even affect your thinking abilities, your energy levels, your emotional health, your aging process and even your life expectancy.

Since constipation tends to become a chronic and progressively worsening condition in most people, your gut function can keep deteriorating until you eventually develop a fecal impaction. A fecal impaction happens when your digestive tract reaches the point of organ failure and continually produces stools that get badly wedged in your colon or rectum.

Once your stools are impacted, your gut quickly goes through 9 stages of damage that can ultimately lead to many different major complications such as a bowel perforation, toxic megacolon and even damage to your vital organs such as your kidneys and liver. The high mortality rates associated with fecal impaction show that it is a condition that should never be ignored.

Unfortunately, while there are no shortages of over-the-counter constipation products on the market, a review of the top 18 constipation treatments shows that none of them are effective at reliably and safely fixing a fecal impaction. That’s because most products take an incomplete approach to treating the problem.

Clinical evidence shows that to effectively, safely and quickly overcome a fecal impaction, there are 10 things that your treatment needs to accomplish.

Daikenchuto is the first and only product that addresses all 10 of these therapeutic goals of fecal impaction treatment. Daikenchuto is a remarkable natural therapy that has been tested and proven effective for treating fecal impactions by many independent clinical studies worldwide. It uses a unique combination of pharmaceutical-grade plant extracts that treats the underlying functional bowel disorder which causes your digestive tract to malfunction, your stools to harden and your gut to break down over time. It doesn’t work like typical laxatives and fiber supplements that take a brute force approach to thrust your stools through your GI system, increasing your chances of injury or a perforation.

Daikenchuto takes a more comprehensive approach to treat a fecal impaction:

  • It reinforces your fragile digestive wall that may be close to rupturing
  • It reduces the inflammation in your intestinal lining
  • It makes your stool softer
  • It revives your neuro-gut communication to stimulate stool movement
  • It normalizes your anorectal function
  • It allows your fecal mass to get unstuck and finally pass
  • It helps you expel your stool comfortably and completely

And once your fecal impaction has been cleared, Daikenchuto also goes on to restore the health of your gut back to an optimal state to prevent the recurrence of new impactions.

Overwhelming evidence supports that Daikenchuto is the most comprehensive fecal impaction treatment on the market today…

What’s more, unlike other treatments which have shown to pose serious risks for fecal impaction sufferers, clinical studies have confirmed that Daikenchuto is not only effective but also very safe.

So, try Daikenchuto risk free today with our 100% money back guarantee. It is easy to use and arrives withing 24 hours with our free same-day, express shipping offer. If you have questions or need any help, our staff is available by phone, email and chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.